Fees for Zoom Sessions

If payment is a hardship, there is sliding scale and full tuitions available. 

For those who are new, I am doing blocks of time monthly to allow people to try it out and see how they like the routine of singing every week.
We will sing until Dec 2nd, the Big Big Sing is on Dec 6th

Fees based on $10 week
3 sessions weekly
$20-$40 (sliding scale) monthly
Attend as often as you like.
Once you are registered for a Zoom session,  you will Automatically be on the Zoom email list.  You will receive links to online song files and lyrics on the Members page.  

There are twelve weeks of sessions  so if you pay for the term at once it is $120

or monthly $40

If payment is a hardship, there is sliding scale and full tuitions available.  If  you can't pay, no sweat, you just have to get in the registration list to participate.  

To pay by email transfer, just send to my regular email. I have auto deposit so no need for a pass word, though you may get asked to set one up by your bank.   
Or you can send me a cheque… just email me privately and I will send my mailing address.

Thank you.