Letz Sing, led by Tina Filippino, is a departure from traditional choirs in that we do not use sheet music or written words. Each song is learned using the oral tradition of call and response. The repertoire of songs reflects a diversity of origins, inspirations, and cultures. Tina chooses songs that participants can take with them and bring into the rhythms and routines of their everyday life. 

Reluctant to Sing?

Many people who have had previous negative experiences with singing have found that Letz Sing is a comfortable and non-judgmental place to begin to sing again. When you become part of this singing group, the focus is not on individual voices but the voice produced together.

The key to singing is developing a quality of listening and focus. Tina's encouraging and relaxed teaching style makes this learning fun and exciting. 

After a short time, many first time and reluctant singers are surprised to find themselves spontaneously singing throughout the week.

Three Opportunities Weekly

Fall through spring, three Letz Sing groups meet weekly -one in Black Creek, one in downtown Courtenay, and one in downtown Comox. Each session includes a warm-up for the voice and body, introduction of new material and time to sing from a growing repertoire of familiar songs. Once you are registered for a term, you are welcome to attend any one or two, or all three! Outside of the fall and spring semesters are additional drop-in opportunities.

No Pressure

Unlike traditional choirs, there is no pressure to perform. Instead, at the end of each term, all Letz Sing members gather for a Big Sing. Here people from all three Letz Sing weekly sessions join together to share a Sunday afternoon of singing the songs learned during the term. There are no spectators at this event. We gather for the simple pleasure of singing together.


It is the intention of Letz Sing that no one misses singing because of money. While there is a fee per session or term, a sliding fee scale is available. For the term fee, a request for sliding scale is accepted "no questions asked" and is kept confidential. For drop-in sessions, simply put what you can afford in the basket.

All locations are also accessible by wheelchair, and there are chairs available for anyone who needs to sit.