There will be no online sessions through May and June.  

There will be regulars term sessions beginning  in September.


In the on line sessions

  • expanding our personal repertoire of songs
  • strengthening our voices so we can sing more songs as we go through the rhythm of our days and sing in harmony when we gather with others. 

Now more than ever I believe we need to be singing.

There is nothing we can do that will truly replicate singing together while we are flattening the curve. Until such time as we can gather again, I will be setting up Zoom meetings each week for those who want to sing along with me, in front of your computer or phone, in the comfort of your own home.  
I am offering hour long song leading on line with a focus on new songs to accompany us through the rhythm of our everyday lives… as different as those days are right now. 

We will also work on

  • listening and ear training,
  • confidence in singing
  • harmonizing 

Zoom sessions are not a substitute for singing together. It will feel quite different singing this way. You will have my voice to follow, and a wonderful opportunity to really hear your own voice and learn to play with it and expand on what you can do with your vocal chords.

For those of you new to singing, you can follow along with step by step in the call and response fashion of oral learning.

If you are a confident singer, the hour can be a time to work on the sound of your voice and playing with the tone and quality and harmony.   Each song will have different levels of complexity to explore according to your confidence in singing.

If you would like some new songs to carry you through the day, or feel like an hour of deep breathing might be what you need, or if you like to see the faces of the other choir members singing along all over the Comox Valley and beyond, you might want to give this a try.

If paying fees is difficult at this time,  no sweat, just come and sing.