If you are having difficulty getting out to sing, Letz Sing is offering online singing sessions on Zoom.  No charge to try it out. 

Content of online sessions

  • warm-up for the body and voice.
    breath work - tips, exercises.
  • explore voice - tone, expression, control, range.
    practise holding harmony or melody parts when singing.
  • build strength and confidence in the voice.
    learn melodies and harmonies growing Letz Sing repertoire.
  • great songs/earworms running through your head to accompany you through the rhythm of your day.

New Zoom term    

  • Ongoing registration
  • Mondays at 10 am and Mondays at 7 pm from the comfort of your home
  • $10 a week/ $40 month gives you access to all online singing on Mondays
  • Mondays at 10 am, and Mondays at 7 pm 
  • access to online resources, sound files of the current live sessions and lyrics available to all online singers


Here is the registration link for online singing (works for both sessions)

 Pay monthly at the beginning of the month, email transfer or cheque