June 15th meet at the Merville Hall

Zoom sessions will resume in September

We are meeting to sing at the Gardens on Anderton on Wednesdays throughout the summer.  This is a beautiful and peaceful setting and I am really looking forward to this partnership and bringing community singing to the Gardens.

You will need to  register in advance for each session you wish to attend.  The registration process is free.  Payment for the session can be made at the door.    You will need to register in advance for each session you would like to attend. The online registration will reserve your seat and manage the seating capacity.  I found an easy registration site and this process is pretty straight forward. 

This week the garden is too soggy. 

Onto plan B

Wednesday June 15th /

2 pm,  Merville Hall




Wednesday 22nd and 29th

Anderton Gardens

Please check website Wednesdays. The Garden location is weather dependent.


Note that we will be spaced apart at both venues and masks will be mandatory  when inside.  I have singing masks available that are easier to breath in and project voices better than standard masks. 

There will be some adjusting to the new way we will have to be singing for the next while. We are use to being side by side and close together. As we space out ourselves out, we will learn to listen deeper and our voices will get stronger.  

As we have discovered with online singing, we are resilient and can adapt. Be prepared to do a bit of experimentation as we adjust and learn how to best hear each other and blend our voices in these new settings.

About schedule and the venues

You will need to sign up for each session you want to attend.

Sessions will be an hour and a half in length with a break halfway through to clear the air. 


Wednesdays at 2 pm, Anderton Therapeutic Gardens, 2012 Anderton Rd.


Merville Hall, 1245  Fenwick Rd

It seems fitting to sing in a Therapeutic garden and I am very excited about this partnership.


Singing in these uncertain times, what you need to know.

I am following the suggested practices found on the BC Choral federation website. 

Vaccine passports will be required. 

Masks will be worn when inside the buildings (I have singing masks that are surgical-grade, or you could wear an n95) Note that the fit of the mask is important for effectiveness. The singing masks I provide will stay in position better and are easier to fit for less air escape.

We will be spaced at least 6 ft apart.

The air will be moved with ceiling fans and by opening windows and doors.

There will be a break halfway through the hour and a half session and clear the room to allow the air to refresh.


Registration and Payment

Registration: You must register in advance, but there is no payment until the event. The free ticket you receive will hold a space for you in the particular session you have signed up for.

I will collect payment at the door each session, or you can send an interact transfer at or after a session.

If I owe you because of previously cancelled classes, this is your chance to collect your owed sessions. 

The cost per session is $10 -$15 sliding scale.


It’s just wonderful to be able to anticipate singing together. I am looking forward to seeing your faces and hearing your voices singing in harmony again. It has been too long....soooo if you are excited to sing songs, chants and rounds, in the age-old tradition of call and response, with a wonderful group of people, please join us in June.