'Year round,singing opportunities are announced. Please join our mailing list to receive an alert to each one, or check this page regularly to find the newest events posted.   Each year has two semesters, in which a repertoire is built over a twelve-week period, a sing along concert choir in short term in the spring  to raise funds for the work the local Care a Van

Monday February is a stat holiday so Monday folks will start a week later .


February 19th

10 am

Comox Lions Den

1729 Comox ave ($132)



February 20th


Halbe Hall ($132)



February 25th

7:00 pm

Lower Native Sons hall($121)


In addition to summer drop-ins, Letz Sing has two semesters each year. One runs September through November; the other runs approximately January through March. (In 2019, the winter semester will run Feb 19-May 11.) You can join a term at any point, with its fee prorated to your join date.

Once you are registered for a term, you are welcome to drop in at any one, two, or three sessions each week. You also have access to online sound files, supporting you to practice (if you enjoy doing that). Over the term, a repertoire develops. Each terms wraps up in a Big Sing, when all three local groups get together to feast and sing together.

Questions? Please contact Tina.

As singing naturally involves deep breathing, scent allergies are exacerbated. Please ensure your body and clothing have no residual scents (scented dryer sheets, essential oils, hairspray, cologne, etc).
Regular weekly schedule
Courtenay Sings
Mondays 7-830pm
Native Sons Hall, Lower Level
Free parking in the lot below the building, beside the building, and on the street.
Wheelchair accessibility from the lower parking lot.


Comox Sings
Tuesdays 10-1130am

Comox Lions Den
1729 Comox Ave @ Nordin. Walk to the back of the building, enter the door marked Lions Den.
Wheelchair accessible.


Black Creek Sings
Wednesdays 730-9pm

Halbe Hall
Free parking.
Wheelchair accessible.